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prelate Balloons used for sport terrains

Sport terrains of small dimensions like mini-football, tennis fields, skating-rinks or swimming pools can be easily and inexpensive covered with textile materials.

The coverings can be :

1. Presostatic Balloons

Dimensions :
- width : 12m and 22m
- length : 27m and 42m
- height : 6m and 9m
Mainly have :
- Presostatic balloon made out of PVC membrane covered with a special protection from dust material of cl.2 and 2680 gr/mp(gram/square meter)
- a system that maintains a constant pressure and heat during cold weather
- for maintaining a good pressure entrance with double door
- on demand wiring system for illumination
Period of life aprox 15 years

2. Steel or aluminum metallic structure covered with PVC membrane of 680 gr/m

The basic metallic structures have been calculated according to the Romanian technical standards and come along with the documentation (the project is made by a specialized company)

The basic structures have vertical walls and a roof; the roof may be semicircle or polygonal

A door is included in the covering and on demand a sliding system to the sideways panels may be included( sliding profile + ball bearings ) for a permanent ventilation when weather condition are suitable

More details go to Industrial tents and Events tents

copertine Balloon Sport Terrain images

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copertine imagini copertine imagini copertine imagini
copertine imagini copertine imagini







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