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copertine Awnings

- An elegant and useful solution

Our company produces a wide range of awnings ,with different shapes, structures and using various materials according to the needs of our clients. We are confident to say that we will satisfy our customers and fulfill any request in making the best awning at the highest quality.

copertine Awnings

- recommended use
  • covers for restaurants ,shops, pubs, markets, terraces
  • covers for acces-ways, garages, store rooms, stock buildings or workshops
  • covers for drains or for electrical stuff

copertine Awnings

- Types of awnings
  • fixed or unfixed (may be moved or removed)
  • fixed with elastic string
  • made of transparent or opaque material
  • awnings with rectangular, circular, conic or pyramid type
  • for tents used in agreement


We invite you to have a look at awnings produced by our company at awnings image section .



















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