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prelate Industrial Tents

The expansion of industrial activities included the spaces to deposit which had to be: easy to put up-and take down, flexible and having small weight. In this way, it came the idea of industrial tents.

prelate Types of Industrial Tents

  • industrial tents for deposits
  • industrial tents for different working purposes
  • industrial tents for exchanging goods or merchandise-marqueese
  • industrial tents easy to move from place to place-mobile
  • industrial tents which replace temporarily market halls
  • industrial tents with the object of protecting the planes or even helicopters

The tents might have, according to the client needs, electricity and any other specific utilities.

Industrial tents are made in order to protect goods, merchandise or even people, that`s why are solids, having:

Metallic Structure :

a .Is modulated and allows the user to modify afterwards on any supplementary length over the initial one with identical tronsons

b .There are 5 choices of materials on which is made of:

  • trusses(firm) - soft welded structure
  • rectangular profiles - welded structure
  • vaulted rectangular profiles - bonded welded structure
  • special S type profiles - zinc structure(light)
  • special aluminum profiles - lightest structure
For steel structures the painting can be done in electrostatic fields using different types of colors

c . The metallic structure is designed to be wind and snow resistant according to the European standards: NPO82-2004 and CR 1-1-3-2005 in this way it will give the structure a stability and a resistance in time just like any other building.

d .The fixing is made with Wurth screws

e. The metallic structure project is done by an authorized projectant and on demand can be available on client`s request

The Body :

a . Is made of textile material with insertion of  polyester 1.100dtex,PVC stratified, temperature resistance of -30grC to +70grC,having a specified weight of 680gr/mp  with highly damage resistance the color is white for a better interior illumination.
Optional :
-can be used also 900gr/mp material
-it may be chosen the fire resistant class 2 material
- there might be from place to place transparent material lights with textile insertion(for a better snow resistance).

b . Two access doors on the front panel made of the same material.
Optional :
- other type of doors
c . The side panels are made of the same material as the ceiling.
Optional :
-a sliding system can be made so that one or more vertical panels can be opened between the piles.
-also windows could be inserted for a better visibility

Other Optionals

  • Electric installation according to the customer
  • Wood flooring
  • A space axonometric projection

prelate Guarantees

Are provided for 4 years, under the conditions specified in the emitted quality certificates

prelate Prices

Prices are according to each client`s wishes in making a project of this type


Industrial tents made by our company
have the best quality guaranteed

We invite to have a look at industrial tents made by our company

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